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Palm-sized Melibe

Date December 4, 2011

Pseudoceros flatworm. Photo: Joshua Tan By Hantu Diver, Joshua Tan I last visited Hantu on 26November. Visibility then was pretty bad, around 1 metre; I could barely see the tip of my fins. Currents were pretty strong as well, Sargassum seemed in full bloom. This weekend however, visibility was good, around 3-plus meters, and currents […]

Hantu Octoberfest: 1-for-1 Nudis

Date October 16, 2011

When we ran into this huge squat lobster hiding at the base of a huge crinoid, we all knew we were in for a good day out at Pulau Hantu. Squat lobsters can be found worldwide in the oceans, and occur from near the water’s surface to deep sea hydrothermal vents. Contrary to their name, […]

Another slow F1 weekend at Hantu

Date September 25, 2011

Octopus, two handfuls of Snakey bornella nudibranches, schools of Yellow stripe scad, rabbitfish, fusillers, batfish, and Silver moonies. A weekend of diving at Pulau Hantu had everyone surfacing with smiles and many pictures!

Blog Log: August 28, 2011

Date August 28, 2011

After eight years of diving at Hantu, I had another first and extraordinary experience – 1000s of sand divers! A sight to behold! (Above: A pair of Long-nosed butterflyfish)

Blog Log July 24, 2011

Date July 29, 2011

By Hantu Blog volunteer, Cindy Tan It was a relatively quiet day out on the reef. The usual suspects that we encountered were flabellina nudibranchs, swimmer crabs, and gobies. On the first dive, we spotted a sawtooth shrimp and one of our regular divers, Petrus Sahetapy, spotted the noble volute slowly trawling the sands. (Above: […]

Volunteer Log: Jimmy Goh

Date May 30, 2011

Text and pictures by Jimmy Goh 22nd May 2011, Once again we set off to the monthly Hantu Blogger’s dive at Pulau Hantu, This trip we have our guest star Debby Ng! Founder of the hantu bloggers, we are very honored to have her dive with us again after 10 months of absence!

Blog Log: April 18, 2011

Date April 21, 2011

Hantu is BURSTING WITH COLOURS! And no one captures the critters of Hantu’s reefs quite like our volunteer guides. Below: Slender ceratosoma nudibranch

Seven Years of Sea Slugs

Date April 1, 2011

Last month, Hantu Blog volunteer guide and Dive Instructor, Jimmy Goh, took to the reefs of Pulau Hantu to celebrate the Hantu Blog’s 7th Anniversary, and to photograph a plethora of stunning sea slugs that call Singapore waters home.

7th Anniversary Yeehar

Date March 21, 2011

By Cindy Tan, Volunteer Reef Guide Four dives at my favourite local spot. We were blessed with great visibility and that the critters came out to play. Currents picked up at night dive (ain’t easy to take pictures in strong currents) and had to abort the dive. 🙁

Into The Wild: Pulau Hantu

Date January 24, 2011

By Russel Today, I joined Ria and the group for my first shore trip of the year, this time to Pulau Hantu. It’s my virgin trip to the island, and I was pretty psyched about it because it’s i’ve read about the place on various blogs such as the Hantu Bloggers . In fact, it’s […]