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Blog Log July 24, 2011

Date July 29, 2011

By Hantu Blog volunteer, Cindy Tan It was a relatively quiet day out on the reef. The usual suspects that we encountered were flabellina nudibranchs, swimmer crabs, and gobies. On the first dive, we spotted a sawtooth shrimp and one of our regular divers, Petrus Sahetapy, spotted the noble volute slowly trawling the sands. (Above: […]

27 Jul (Wed): Discussion on "The Seacil Artificial Reef" hosted by the Nature Society (Singapore)

Date July 7, 2011

The Seacil Artificial Reef project aims to restore and preserve corals at Sentosa and Labrador Park, says the Nature Society (Singapore) announcement. A seacil being ‘launched’ at Sentosa, from an article on the project in Innovation, Vol 7 No. 1 The project was a source of controversy a few years back, the Society adds. Nature […]