Blog Log July 24, 2011

Date July 29, 2011

Hantu - 02 (sawtooth)
By Hantu Blog volunteer, Cindy Tan
It was a relatively quiet day out on the reef. The usual suspects that we encountered were flabellina nudibranchs, swimmer crabs, and gobies. On the first dive, we spotted a sawtooth shrimp and one of our regular divers, Petrus Sahetapy, spotted the noble volute slowly trawling the sands. (Above: Sawtooth shrimp)

Hantu - 09 (noble volute)

Then at the second dive, we spotted a pipefish, the same noble volute and more shellfish moving around. On the surface after the dive, another one of our regular divers, Cedric Sahetapy, dropped his video light, so I went down to search for it, luckily I still had my camera with me because when I spotted the video light, there was this huge cuttlefish next to it and I happily snapped away! (Above: Noble volute; below: Reef cuttlefish)
Hantu - 12 (cuttlefish)

By Hantu Blog volunteer, Lam Pei Min
Finally saw a bullocki nudibranch (it has been a while since I saw one), a marginata and a oreo nudibranch. There were also crabs, big and small and flabellinas and phyllidae, and a shy eel blenny. On our second dive, I saw many swimmer crabs and a blue-spotted ray. (Below: Sand goby)

Hantu - 04 (goby)
I’ve noticed the reefs tend to be quiet during June/July period. I wonder if this is because the water is warmer? (Below: Stick pipefish)

Hantu - 07 (pipefish)

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