Entries from November 2013

Sluggish finds lead to a new record!

Date November 24, 2013

Diving at Pulau Hantu is all about going slow and staring hard at the substrate. A prefect critter for pleasure on our reefs then, is the sea slug. To photograph the Ceratosoma nudibranch above, I didn’t even have to dive! Just popped my head under the water, and there it was, crawling about the sargassum […]

Marine Life & Me: An Event at East Coast Park

Date November 24, 2013

Spurred by news about sea turtles coming to nest on Singapore shores, a group of NIE teacher trainees decided something needed to be done to raise public awareness about the need to protect our shores, sea turtles, and their eggs, so that Singapore can continue to be a birth place for these rare and endangered […]