Marine Life & Me: An Event at East Coast Park

Date November 24, 2013

At the Marine Life & Me event w Toddycats and Giving Guru... on TwitpicVolunteers from Giving Gurus share the facts about "Nemo... on TwitpicIf you live in the east drop by ECP Food Village to learn abo... on Twitpic

Spurred by news about sea turtles coming to nest on Singapore shores, a group of NIE teacher trainees decided something needed to be done to raise public awareness about the need to protect our shores, sea turtles, and their eggs, so that Singapore can continue to be a birth place for these rare and endangered creatures!

Marine Life & Me: an awareness drive, 23-24 Nov, 9am-6pm, East Coast Lagoon Food Village, East Coast Park. Bring your family down!

Toddycats and Hantu Blog volunteers in action! on TwitpicHantu Blog volunteers posing with critters from Hantu's ... on TwitpicThe end of the day but kiddos and adults still having fun wit... on Twitpic

The group of NIE teacher trainees who call themselves, Giving Gurus, brought together other volunteer groups like the Raffles Museum Toddycats, Wild Singapore, ACRES, and the Hantu Blog, to put together a series of beautiful exhibits that showcase some of the common marine life that we can encounter on our reefs and shores.

The colouring station has become a day care center! But kids ... on TwitpicOne of the kiddos tries out our food chain game! on TwitpicWhat strange and interesting fish can you see along our reefs? on Twitpic

Many people paused to take a look at the exhibits and were amazed to learn about local fauna, especially those who visit the beaches often! Some volunteers got to learn new facts about our fauna and history too when the occasional visitor who has lived and explored the East Coast for the past several decades shared their experiences along our shores.

Lotsa people gathered around the big trees! Many surprised to... on TwitpicKids get to share their thoughts about the exhibits on Twitpic

The event is on until TODAY (Sunday, 24 November) so there’s still plenty of time for you to swing by, say hello, play some games, learn something, and enjoy the great outdoors! We saw lots of squirrels and birds yesterday, so hope you get to see them too!

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