Entries from May 2012

Sea Tigers, Horses, Snakes, Slugs, Cats – How's that for Biodiversity?!

Date May 29, 2012

With Saturday spent at Singapore’s first Biodiversity Festival at the Botanical Gardens, Hantu Blog volunteers spent Sunday doing what they do best – finding more stuff out on the reef, so we can tell everyone else about it! And boy did they make some findings! The day began even before the divers went underwater, with […]

Singapore got wildlife meh? ABUDEN?!

Date May 28, 2012

After two whole days of talking, seeing and showing the diverse kinds of plants and animals of the land or marine kind at the Botanical Gardens for the Singapore’s first ever Biodiversity Festival, the answer to the question “Singapore got wildlife meh?” has definitely got to be a resounding, “ABUDEN!?” (abuden is derived from the […]

The Hantu Blog Celebrates World Turtle Day!

Date May 24, 2012

Did you know that adult sea turtles are sometimes sighted near our Southern Islands? And that sea turtles are known to come to Singapore to lay their eggs? Yes! There have been several incidents of baby sea turtles hatching on our shores, including East Coast Park! Today, May 23rd is World Turtle Day! And here […]