What do people think about diving in Singapore with the Hantu Bloggers?

I came to Hantu for the seahorse and frogfish! But I got a Bamboo shark!!! A testament to the surprises Hantu can hold. I love Hantu for the biodiversity of macro life! Always never fails to amaze me! I’ll definitely come back for more! Oh yeah, the guides are all pretty and friendly too.
Wyatt Ang, 33, from Singapore. 28 July 2013.

Had a really good time today! Didn’t’ really know there’s actually quite a lot to see at Hantu. Will definitely come again! Thanks Hantu Bloggers!
Priscilla Humphries, 32. 21 April 2013.

First time in Hantu. Vis wasn’t great but better than I expected. A very different diving spot from the normal diving spot elsewhere in Southeast Asia. But great variety of sea life… Just need patience and skill to see them. Will be back again!
KY Chew, 29. 28 July 2013.

The visibility might be low and the waters might be murky – but Pulau Hantu offers a surprising amount of marine life!
Please keep Hantu safe, clean and undeveloped! Thank you for two great dives and see you next time! ps. As an Environmental Biology exchange student I love being able to explore Singapore’s existing nature and biodiversity – especially underwater!
Nadine Galle, 20. Canada. 21 April, 2013.

This is my first dive in Singapore and it was better than I expected. Though visibility was not perfect but we managed to see quite a lot of marine life of which I had my first encounter with a baby cuttlefish!! Yay! Another big plus to dive with Hantu is it’s so convenient and no need to sacrifice any of my leave. A good fix when in need for dive therapy. Guides are friendly and fun, even the uncle is friendly! Oh and not to mention the monkey who’s stranded in Pulau Hantu.
Joanne Lim, 30. 28 July 2013.

My first dive in Singapore’s water and Hantu has brought a different perspective of diving to me… Seeing things unfold and is really amazing. Corals and wildlife are still so pretty. Will be back!
Xu Tingfang, 30. 7 July 2013.

First time diving in Singapore. First time seeing Singapore’s corals, fishes, terns and crabs. Will be back, please don’t disappear.
Alan Lim, 34. 7 July 2013.

My second dive at Pulau Hantu. Loved the first time in 2008 and love it again today. It’s like a treasure hunt!
Maria Ibrahim, 39. 19 May 2013

We have been diving here since 1996 – to me it has been the best training ground any diver and have. There is so much life here which makes each find very precious! It teaches us to be patient, to slow down, take our time to enjoy the wonders that God has given us right in our own backyard – what more can we ask for? It is our very own treasure! – Please keep it safe!
Petrus, Pauline, Renee & Caitlin Sahetapy. 19 May 2013.

Awesome diving at Pulau Hantu. Marine life there should be conserved!
Marissa Wong, 27. 12 May 2013.

Conserve Singapore’s marine life! So we can have diving spots and we don’t have to leave Singapore just to dive! Don’t reclaim our marine creature’s habitats!
Ve’Joy Ong, 27. 12 May 2013.

Great dive site. Something to preserve in Singapore. All the best. Once in a lifetime experience. Love it.
Vinson Charn, 27. 12 May 2013.

Singapore needs to have marine life! Please help to conserve.
Mad Lim, 29. 12 May 2013.

So many nice small creatures! Lovely site for the patient diver.
Karo De Beul, Australia. 12 May 2013.

There’s more than meets the eye on this island!!! You’ve gotta see it to experience it! Keep the reefs!
Joel Goh, 27. 12 May 2013.

Great dive site with interesting marine animals in Singapore! Don’t destroy it, keep it! It’s for the future generation to know Singapore does have coral reefs!
Sandy Tang, 27. 12 May 2013.

First time diving at Pulau Hantu! Great fun, and interesting marine life. Lots of nudibranchs!
Rachel Ang, 27. 12 May 2013.