Enjoyed your dive in Singapore waters? Love seahorses? Want to support our work?
You can’t take a piece of the reef with you, but you can take home one of these!

Marine biologist Neo Mei Lin (left) and Hantu Blog dive guide Lam Pei Min show off our 10th Anniversary commemorative tee! The tee features a Tigertail seahorse (Hippocampus comes), a species of seahorse that finds shelter in the reefs of Pulau Hantu. Seahorses are threatened throughout their range by habitat loss, and collection for the trade in traditional medicines. It truly is a unique feat for seahorses to live in a reef located so close to Singapore’s urban industrial developments. The Tigertail seahorse is a symbol of how it is possible to manage healthy natural eco-systems within an urban environment, if we choose to be aware, proactive, and determined.

Tees are priced at SG$22.90 and includes free shipping! To order simply email us your desired size and we’ll send you information on how to make payment.