Entries from December 2007

What's sharp, fun, and brown all over?

Date December 26, 2007

The creatures of Hantu’s reef of course! From illusive blade-like razorfish, to the comedic clownfish that bounce in and out of their anemones, and the seemingly sombre and dull coloured frillfin gobies that spend their afternoons sitting on the seabed… we’ve got all kinds of creatures to entertain your eclectic tastes for the ocean! Razorfish […]

Blog Log! November 18!

Date December 20, 2007

Sorry this post has taken awhile, but here it is! Alas! Apologies to those who have been checking in frequently for updates! I’ve got some videos from the November dive to post as well and will work on that once this gets out. For the holiday season, the Hantu Blog closed it’s monthly dives and […]