Entries from April 2007

"Hantu at it's Best!"

Date April 30, 2007

That’s what Hantu Blog volunteer Marcel dan Herder from the Netherlands texted me on my mobile phone after surfacing from the 2nd dive at Hantu last Sunday. He was so excited from his dive as he had to tell me as soon as the dive was over that he’d seen a huge blue cod, which […]

Ferry ticket prices to Southern Islands going up from May 2

Date April 16, 2007

Channel NewsAsia 11 Apr 07 SINGAPORE : Beginning May 2, passengers will have to pay $4 more for ferry tickets between Marina South Pier and the Southern Islands. The new charges for adults will now be $15, while children will have to pay $12. The operators of the ferry services York Launch says there are […]

Tourism plans for Southern Islands put on hold

Date April 16, 2007

By Krist Boo Straits Times 12 Apr 07 Five months after announcing with much fanfare that the Southern Islands would be turned into the next big tourist attraction, the plans have been put on hold. Although the Singapore Tourism Board wouldn’t reveal why, industry sources say the Government is considering housing a casino on the […]

Excited eel

Date April 14, 2007

On Good Friday, the Hantu Blog visited Hantu’s intertidal reef. It was a refreshing perspective at Hantu’s underwater life that sometimes lives a life between the zones. It’s a harsh environment from a creature that needs water to survive, but we found out that the habitat is a bouty full of animals that know how […]