Entries from January 2011

Hantu Walkabout

Date January 26, 2011

Sunsets, squid, stars, slugs and shrimp. What’s there to see if you go walkabout at Pulau Hantu during the low tide? More than you can possibly imagine. By SgBeachbum dusky sunset 22Jan2011 from BeachBum on Vimeo.

Into The Wild: Pulau Hantu

Date January 24, 2011

By Russel Today, I joined Ria and the group for my first shore trip of the year, this time to Pulau Hantu. It’s my virgin trip to the island, and I was pretty psyched about it because it’s i’ve read about the place on various blogs such as the Hantu Bloggers . In fact, it’s […]

Back to Hantu

Date January 24, 2011

By James K My last visit was in July 2010 during the tail end of the coral bleaching. None of the coral appeared to be bleaching this time round although there is a marked reduction in the amount of coral. Mudskippers (Periophthalmus chrysospilos) inhabit an area nearer the seawall. Typically skittish though this plump fellow […]

First Dive of 2011

Date January 24, 2011

By Sonnenblume This morning, I joined The Hantu Bloggers for their first Pulau Hantu dive in year 2011. Just yesterday evening, I was on the island with Ria and the group for a intertidal walk. See some of their blog posts here, here and here. The visibility was about 1-2m. But if you go slow […]

An evening with the Hantu

Date January 23, 2011

Kok Sheng made a visit to Pulau Hantu at dusk and spotted squid, crabs, sea cucumbers, and a Spotted-tail frogfish! See what else he saw!

Octopus Escape

Date January 23, 2011

By BeachBum octopus escape @ Pulau Hantu 22Jan2011 from BeachBum on Vimeo. Beachbum came across this Octopus heading back to its lair in the seawall. The tide had gone out pretty much and it had to do some quick gymnastics over the rocks to get into its hiding place. Note how the octopus uses its […]

Mangroves on an artificial seawall at Pulau Hantu

Date January 23, 2011

The naturally settling mangroves on Pulau Hantu sure can teach us a lot about how we encourage regeneration of nature. Hopefully, these precious tenacious plants will be appreciated and allowed to grow. More

How is coral bleaching at Pulau Hantu?

Date January 23, 2011

It’s always a delight to see ‘Nemo’ or the clown anemonefishes on our shores! And at Pulau Hantu, we have a pretty good chance of seeing them even at low tide. The False clown anemonefishes (Amphiprion ocellaris) on our shores live in the Giant carpet anemones (Stichodactyla gigantea). More

Singapore corals on the EDGE of Existence

Date January 12, 2011

32 corals have been globally identified as being on the EDGE of Existence! The EDGE of Existence programme supports conservation projects for top ten of these EDGE coral species.

Blog Log: 19 December 2010

Date January 2, 2011

The Hantu Blog closed the year with a great big bang! Volunteers, scientists and members of the public who joined us for our last dive of the year, were treated with encounters with some spectacular and usually shy critters, such as this prawn (above) that’s usually active at night, and remains hidden in the sand […]