Entries from October 2007

Blog Log! October 28!

Date October 30, 2007

The monsoon season is here but it’s still quiet down at Hantu. Just as well! The Hantu Blog left with a full boat of divers this weekend and comprised several nationalities – from the UK to US, and India to Western Europe. Of course, most of us were seasoned locals who just couldn’t wait to […]

Angels and Demons

Date October 2, 2007

From mean, uncompromising and territorial Damselfish to enchanting silhouettes, frolicsome anemonefish and blithe butterflyfishes… here’re some videos from the Blog Dive on September 30th. Terrorial Damselfish Contemplative Gymnodoris Nonchalant Tomato clown Anemonefish Cherubic Six-banded angelfish Lounging Batfish Scouring Copperbanded Butterflyfish Some of the videos have a green tint because I forgot to white balance my […]

Blog Log! September 30!

Date October 1, 2007

Keeping my fingers crossed during the week seemed to work. Bright sunshine and great visibility meant first timers on our trip were lucky to experience Hantu at one of its best. Above, diver Lee Wen descends into the depths. Many on the first dive got to see lots of nudibranchs Reef Xplore guide Ming Sheng […]