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Blog Log, 29 July 2007

Date July 31, 2007

The cold and wet weather throughout the week made me a bit nervous about going for a dive. The last we hope for is having to cancel a dive because of bad and dangerous weather. But we should be so lucky, as moderate to good weather held up on Sunday, and thank goodness! Because Keppel […]

Blooming Anemones!

Date July 21, 2007

A research team comprising Dr. Daphne Fautin from the Natural History Museum of Kansas University, Dr. Tan Swee Hee of the RMBR, NUS undergrads and nature enthusiasts made a trip to Hantu on Friday morning with the sole purpose of discovering the many species of anemones that thrive along the islands reefs. Learn which anemones […]

Singapore's biodiversity may provide potential cures for diseases

Date July 21, 2007

Channel NewsAsia 19 Jul 07 SINGAPORE: You may think that Singapore lacks biodiversity, but the latest collaboration between National Parks Board and an international pharmaceutical company may just prove you wrong. Drug discovery company MerLion Pharmaceuticals and National Parks Board have inked an agreement to tap into Singapore’s diverse plants, animals and micro-organisms. The company […]

Love island

Date July 4, 2007

Though just 40 minutes from the mainland, Pulau Hantu is proving to be quite the idyllic island getaway for lovers.. that is if you’re a shrimp. In your private and gorgeous anemone, anything can happen! Swing by the Budak Blog for a peek into the secret and naughty life of a little shrimp in the […]

Wildfilms exploration at Hantu

Date July 2, 2007

The Wildfilms crew visited Hantu islands intertidal over the weekend and uncovered a remarkable find of Mushroom Corals amongst other things. How many kinds of underwater fungi can you find at Hantu? Bedazzled with the answer at the Wildfilms Blog.