Entries from January 2010

The Hantu Blog's most viewed videos

Date January 29, 2010

The Hantu Blog has one of the most extensive collections of underwater videos from Singapore waters on YouTube. Recently, I plowed through the list of over 90 videos to see which were getting the most views. Interestingly, crinoids or feather stars seem to be a hot favourite: Walking crinoid 1,405 views Dancing crinoid 2,012 views […]

Blog Log: 24 January 2010

Date January 29, 2010

Blog divers made some amazing finds in the Hantu Blog’s second private charter trip in the New Year, like this nudibranch which I think might be from the genus trinchesia although I’m not entirely sure.

Blog Log: 17 January 2010

Date January 29, 2010

Just three weeks into the New Year and volunteers are already on a roll! Volunteer dive guide and underwater photographer Cindy Tan did four dives at Hantu this month and will be plunging into local waters for the fifth time this weekend! Cindy’s got a knack for spotting flatworms, as the one above, and below.

Marine Flatworms – Simply, Brilliant

Date January 8, 2010

They’re called flatworms, but the name does little to describe them apart from the fact that they were, well, flat! Finding a flatworm on the reef can be as exciting as spotting a brilliant nudibranch. As these pictures as testament, flatworms come in an array of colours that may include texture and intricate patterns. Flatworms […]

On Whips and Stingers

Date January 6, 2010

What kind of stuff is crawling about on whips and stingy things? Pretty amazing stuff apparently! Here’s a collection of images shot by Hantu Blog volunteers, of the beautiful and tiny creatures that find shelter in the whip corals and stinging “leaves” of hydroids. (Above: Commensal shrimp on whip coral)

December Madness

Date January 6, 2010

The one of the cool things about Pulau Hantu is that its reefs can be enjoyed throughout the year, even during the monsoon. The end of the year is a busy time for Hantu’s waters because a lot of local divers, deprived of diving in other location in the South China Sea affected by the […]