The Hantu Blog's most viewed videos

Date January 29, 2010

The Hantu Blog has one of the most extensive collections of underwater videos from Singapore waters on YouTube. Recently, I plowed through the list of over 90 videos to see which were getting the most views. Interestingly, crinoids or feather stars seem to be a hot favourite:

Walking crinoid 1,405 views

Dancing crinoid 2,012 views

Dancing crinoid 3,269 views

But the Razorfish at Hantu seem to attract a good deal of attention too!

Razorfish at Hantu 2,496 views

Another fish that got plenty of viewers was this video of a Pufferfish shot three years ago:

Pufferfish 6,340 views

Of course, the symbol of Hantu’s reefs, and the critter represented on the Hantu Blog’s logo outdid the Pufferfish in terms of viewer hits!

Tigertail seahorse 7,613 views

Even with that number of hits, our charismatic Tigertail seahorse was not able to attract more hits than one of the simplest creatures on the reef – the flatworm!

Giant swimming reef flatworm 11,783 views

But the video that trumped all the others, and reaped the most number of hits, can neither swim, nor relocate itself if it wanted. You can’t see its head, and it’s hardly visible on the reef. I suppose, the fact that it’s so mysterious makes it sort of attractive and mesmerizing. Who would have thought that a barnacle could gain this much attention!

Hard working barnacle 17,396 views

Though fish are one of the most prominent animals on the reef, they have grossed comparatively little attention from viewers. It is apparent that people are attracted to the things they know little about. Barnacles are not creatures you would describe as “charismatic”. These creatures are lobbed off the bottom of boats and kicked aside when they are washed up on the beach! But if we took the time to explain their behaviour and cast a fascinating light on them, surely we can give 17,000 people, a reason to observe a barnacle for 20 seconds!

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