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What’s a wedgefish and why should we care?

Date March 31, 2021

Wedgefish are awesome animals, and they are much loved by anglers and biologists because they are beautiful, rare, and fascinating. Their massive dorsal fins and flattened heads may have you wondering if they are sharks or rays. I hope this post inspires you discover and appreciate our wedgefishes and participate in ensuring their long term […]

New to Science, Found in Singapore

Date January 23, 2021

By Nicholas Chew: I had seen some photos of an extremely cryptic nudibranch Phestilla viei by Chay Hoon over the last few months. It had superb camouflage, unlike anything I’d seen before. Mimicking the patterns and colours of the specific host coral Pavona explanulata, it blended in perfectly. I found it incredibly amazing and beautiful, […]

Why an 80kg ray is so amazing.

Date August 4, 2020

A large honeycomb ray (Himantura undulata) was caught off Bedok jetty last week. It was described as the 2nd largest catch from that fishing spot, and the largest haul by a “shorewrangler” this year. According to various blogposts, the ray had a wingspan that measured between 2-3 meters and weighed somewhere around 70-100 kg (I’m […]

17-years of Sharing Singapore Reefs

Date March 22, 2020

Today, we celebrate how our local community has come together over 17 years to recognise the wonders of our little reef! 17 years ago, when our tiny team of volunteer guides were haphazardly trying to pull a volunteer organisation together, divers sneered and scoffed at how anyone could have a desire to dive in “pea […]

Hunters in murky waters

Date January 22, 2020

Veteran diver, Toh Chay Hoon, has completed more than 800 dives in Singapore waters! “I stopped logging after my 300th dive, and that was many many years ago!” But on special, albeit low visibility days, she still gets enthralled by something new or unexpected. Above: A cool cuttlefish remains still even as our diver Chay […]

Nudibranchs and Natural Values

Date February 17, 2019

By Debby Ng: I was interviewed by a journalist this week who had lots of questions about Singapore reefs! She shared that when she first arrived in Singapore, she didn’t think this super-urban island would have any living reef left! Living reefs, especially ones next to huge cities, are a wonderful thing to discover and […]

Cats on Pulau Hantu (Part 2)

Date August 22, 2017

The Hantu Blog, together with the SPCA, Cat Welfare Society (CWS) and Singapore Land Authority (SLA) successfully trapped and removed four cats that were abandoned on Pulau Hantu. This is the second time we have responded to a public alert about stray cats on the island. The first such attempt to trap and remove cats […]

The Darker Side of Pulau Hantu

Date August 17, 2017

By Ann Tan: A lot of people say, that there is no difference between day and night dives at Pulau Hantu (because low daytime visibility makes day dives seem like night dives!), but I think otherwise. Pulau Hantu has its own unique critters of the night. I became obsessed with night dives at Pulau Hantu about […]

Snakey bornella feeding on hydoids

Date September 29, 2011

A Snakey bornella (Bornella anguilla) chows down on some hydroids, a plant-like organism related to jellyfish. Though plant-like, hydroids are actually carnivorous animals. Each nudibranch species usually specializes in one or few species of hydoid. Though hydoids are venomous, this doesn’t bother the nudibranch. It does not digest the nematocysts (stinging cells); instead, it uses […]

Changi with Ria and Dr Dan

Date August 14, 2011

Early yesterday morning, I had the very unique experience of exploring Changi’s intertidal with Ria Tan, Chay Hoon, and Dr Daniel Rittschof. What fun is walking about the coast when you can go diving you might ask? Well, apart from not having to wash heaps of dive gear afterwards, the shore is a completely new […]