Entries from July 2016

New Species of Crab Discovered at Pulau Hantu

Date July 15, 2016

Leucosiid crabs resemble pieces of coral rubble so well that it is almost impossible to see them unless they move [1]. In Singapore, two such leucosiids have previously been reported, both originally encountered at Pulau Hantu [2]. In June 2016, a new species was added to the list, Nursia tohae. It was spotted by none […]

Cats on Pulau Hantu

Date July 14, 2016

A group of campers who spent the night at Pulau Hantu in June shared with us the sighting of 3 feral cats during the night, one of which they managed to get a photo of. We are deeply concerned that people have been bringing their cats to the island to be abandoned. It might seem […]

Sea slugs in sunny Singapore

Date July 13, 2016

Our band of intrepid local divers capitalised on the abundant sunshine and headed out to Hantu’s reefs this weekend. The photographs from this blog post were taken by Toh Chay Hoon, Singapore’s informal macro specialist, well known for her tendency to spot the small and miss the big! Her special skill brings us unique insight […]