New Species of Crab Discovered at Pulau Hantu

Date July 15, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 08.32.50
Leucosiid crabs resemble pieces of coral rubble so well that it is almost impossible to see them unless they move [1]. In Singapore, two such leucosiids have previously been reported, both originally encountered at Pulau Hantu [2]. In June 2016, a new species was added to the list, Nursia tohae. It was spotted by none other than our gifted macro enthusiast, Toh Chay Hoon. The individual in the photo above was a female sized just 3.90 × 2.69 mm! In 1993, a new genus and species of leucosiid crab was described from Singapore’s mangrove swamps [3]. There’s so much to be discovered around our tiny little island! The more we discover, the more we realise that our small and precious wilderness areas are incredibly diverse and dynamic. Which is why we shouldn’t discount the size of our wild places. Just because they are small, doesn’t mean they can be easily replaced or that their loss will not be significant. Keep your eyes peeled! And allow yourself to fall in love with the wonders of our natural heritage!

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