Entries from August 2011

Football-sized Reef Cuttlefish

Date August 30, 2011

Divers at Pulau Hantu last weekend got up close to this cool and calm reef cuttlefish. It probably thought it looked pretty much like the brown algae that was growing around the shallow reef, and it did! Because I only realised it was there when Volunteer dive guide Jimmy Goh pointed to something just inches […]

Meter-long batfish at Pulau Hantu

Date August 29, 2011

Yesterday, divers on a dive trip organised by the Hantu Bloggers encountered a large batfish along the reef of Singapore’s Pulau Hantu. This is the largest batfish encountered on the reef by the group in 8 years!

Blog Log: August 28, 2011

Date August 28, 2011

After eight years of diving at Hantu, I had another first and extraordinary experience – 1000s of sand divers! A sight to behold! (Above: A pair of Long-nosed butterflyfish)

Neptune’s cup re-discovered in Singapore!

Date August 25, 2011

Feared to be globally extinct, the discovery of this fabulous sponge is featured in the latest issue of My Green Space published by NParks. Karenne Tun and Eugene Tay share that ” the Neptune’s Cup sponge was first seen in Singapore waters in 1822. According to historical records, the Neptune’s Cup sponge was common during […]

Changi with Ria and Dr Dan

Date August 14, 2011

Early yesterday morning, I had the very unique experience of exploring Changi’s intertidal with Ria Tan, Chay Hoon, and Dr Daniel Rittschof. What fun is walking about the coast when you can go diving you might ask? Well, apart from not having to wash heaps of dive gear afterwards, the shore is a completely new […]