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Singapore’s own Crush and Squirt

Date June 4, 2018

By Aidan Mock: Reflecting on World Turtle Day, I recall two memorable characters from my childhood, Crush and Squirt – the chilled-out turtles from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory. The turtles in the movie were plying the east coast of Australia, but did you know that the hippie turtles depicted in the movie have friends that […]

Unfazed by the haze

Date July 9, 2013

Divers and volunteers were stoked to be able to return to Pulau Hantu after last month’s short reprieve due to the haze from the forest fires in neighboring Sumatra, Indonesia. Water visibility was unexpectedly good compared to the previous month, which brought some relief to the few new divers who were about to make their […]

Orgy on our reefs: Coral spawning 2011

Date April 28, 2011

“Once a year, four days after the full moon on the fourth month, our corals spawn” said Jeff during a recent briefing. Wow! We were afraid that our corals wouldn’t be up to it due to the massive coral bleaching last year. But our corals did mass spawn again! Thanks to Mei Lin and Jeffrey […]

To Save the Planet, Save the Seas

Date December 28, 2009

December 26, 2009 The New York Times For the many disappointments of the recent climate talks in Copenhagen, there was at least one clear positive outcome, and that was the progress made on a program called Reducing Emissions From Deforestation and Forest Degradation. Under this program, key elements of which were agreed on at Copenhagen, […]

Students talk about Singapore's future

Date November 14, 2009

Last month, the Hantu Blog was invited to attend the Green Singapore 2050 Summit by the Singapore Environmental Council, to give a talk about Singapore’s coral reefs and why they should be protected. About 300 students from various primary and secondary schools in Singapore attended the 4-hr talk, and learned about a variety of issues […]

Nature is Changing: Copenhagen and beyond – what does it mean for Asia?

Date October 27, 2009

Event title: Nature is Changing: Copenhagen & Beyond – What does it mean for Asia? Date/Time: 11 Nov 2009, 5-7pm Venue: Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy Auditorium, Level 3 Blk B, Faculty of Law, NUS Bukit Timah Campus, 469G Bukit Timah Road Singapore 259772 RSVP: Admission is free, but registration is required. To […]

Free Lecture: The Influence of Climate Change on Maritime Australia and Pacific Islands: Biology and Business

Date October 23, 2009

Presented by Professor Michael Kingsford, Head of the School of Marine and Tropical Biology, JCU Australia Synopsis: Global climate change is the biggest issue facing resource managers and poses a great challenge to businesses. Unless business adapts to changing resources, gives greater attention to sustainable behaviour and reduces the use of fossil fuel then there […]

Fun Quizzes by Planet Green

Date September 16, 2009

What’s your oceans IQ? Test your smarts on ocean science, fishing, climate change effects and more. Know Your Marine Life? How much do you know about what’s living in our oceans?

Ocean temperatures hit record high for July

Date August 21, 2009

Combined land and ocean surface temperatures for the world are fifth warmest on record The ocean surface temperature was the warmest on record for July, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in the US. Incidentally, on 28 June 2009, the Hantu Blog recorded an underwater temperature of 31 degrees C, up from […]

Malaysian PM pledges US$1 million to save corals

Date June 11, 2009

NO ONE predicted that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak’s simple gesture at the World Oceans Conference in Manado, Indonesia, last month would create waves. By pledging US$1 million (RM3.5 million) to a fund to save corals in the Coral Triangle, the world’s centre of marine life, he not only crested the waves of […]