Entries from January 2009

Once Upon a Tree: Tides and Coastlines

Date January 17, 2009

An excerpt from the 2008 Arts Central series, “Once Upon a Tree: Tides and Coastlines” featuring the underwater marine life and reefs of Pulau Hantu!

The Hantu Blog at "Race to Save the Environment" event at Sentosa Cove

Date January 17, 2009

Things got off to a windy start when we arrived at the Volvo Ocean Race Village at Sentosa Cove to set up our tables. Boards, posters, and flyers were literally taking off in the strong gusts that funnelled through the venue in the late morning. But with lots of BluTac and paper clips, exhibitors managed […]

Frogfish at Pulau Hantu

Date January 14, 2009

Thanks for the link to the video.  I think this is the common spotted-tailed one, in its greenish-grey form. Sargassum frogfish are orangey-brown with pale patches and have longer limbs (fins). – Kelvin Lim, Curator of FIshes, Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research Thank’s to James Costello for sharing this video with the blog via YouTube.

New species?

Date January 13, 2009

This little nudibranch photographed at Pulau Hantu by Ivan Choong in December 2008 just might be a new species. Or is it? Avid Hantu Blog diver and blogger Toh Chay Hoon writes on her blog: This nudibranch looks similar to Okenia purpurata. But the thing is that Okenia purpurata, according to The Sea Slug Forum, […]