The Hantu Blog at "Race to Save the Environment" event at Sentosa Cove

Date January 17, 2009

Team Seagrass

Things got off to a windy start when we arrived at the Volvo Ocean Race Village at Sentosa Cove to set up our tables. Boards, posters, and flyers were literally taking off in the strong gusts that funnelled through the venue in the late morning. But with lots of BluTac and paper clips, exhibitors managed to hold down their exhibits in preparation for the crowds that were going to turn up!

Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research Toddycats

But the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research (RMBR) Toddycats seemed to have less of a problem with the wind. Once again, stunning the crowd with their curiously preserved animals. Nothing fazes them! Have specimen, will triumph!

Naked Hermit Crabs

Exhibitors employed various ways to draw crowds to their booths. Students and adults took to the fun and easy games at the Naked Hermit Crab booth.

Coral Nursery

The NParks Coral Nursery with their little coral tank bubbling with live coral, also made for an intriguing exhibit!

Marcus, The Hantu Bloggers

I was blessed to have Marcus fill in some time for me while I took a break from the booth (that is, running around to document the event!). Marcus is usually found at nature events masquerading as a photographer but is in actuality a die hard nature activities volunteer. He was cameoing at all the different booths throughout the day, dropping in a word or two to the public about Singapore’s submerged wild places!

Future volunteer!

Thanks to the Singapore Scouts Association for organising the Race to Save the Environment event!

2 Responses to “The Hantu Blog at "Race to Save the Environment" event at Sentosa Cove”

  1. monkey said:

    I love the photos of us! Thanks debby! 😀 the trick to not having things blown away is to not put anything up! haha that was my strategy for the day but you’re right, have specimen, will triumph! hehe

  2. Volvo Ocean Race: Race for the Environment - Scouts Day! « Raffles Museum News said:

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