Entries from May 2011

Volunteer Log: Jimmy Goh

Date May 30, 2011

Text and pictures by Jimmy Goh 22nd May 2011, Once again we set off to the monthly Hantu Blogger’s dive at Pulau Hantu, This trip we have our guest star Debby Ng! Founder of the hantu bloggers, we are very honored to have her dive with us again after 10 months of absence!

Blog Log 22 May 2011, Pen Shells & Gobies

Date May 23, 2011

It was a busy Sunday along the marine fairways; huge vessels were plying up and down the straits between Singapore’s southern islands, this coupled with the big white clouds and strong winds, we feared that we were going to have less than desirable diving conditions. Yet when we turned into our dive site, the skies […]

Eagle ray at oil-slicked Tanah Merah!

Date May 7, 2011

Ria Tan visited the dark and murky waters of an oil-slicked Tanah Merah on Friday. She was trying to photograph a gianormous squid during a predawn trip on Friday when this even larger THING silently swam towards her! Read the rest of this post