Volunteer Log: Jimmy Goh

Date May 30, 2011


Text and pictures by Jimmy Goh

22nd May 2011, Once again we set off to the monthly Hantu Blogger’s dive at Pulau Hantu, This trip we have our guest star Debby Ng! Founder of the hantu bloggers, we are very honored to have her dive with us again after 10 months of absence!
M1106972 M1106950 M1107007
The weather was a little on the hot side but the water was flat and there was no current, although the visibility was a little low, we still managed to spot quite a bit of stuff. However it was definitely less then the other months. We suspect that the weather was too hot and all the creature went into hiding. (L-R: Cleaner shrimp on crinoid, cuttlefish, Asian bornella on hydroid)

Maybe we should start doing night dives instead!


Above: A large pufferfish rests confidently on the reef.

To see more pictures from this dive, visit the Hantu Blog Gallery.

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