COVID-19 restrictions have introduced new restrictions and limitations on how dives are organised. While we do our best to secure diving spots, there may be cancellations. We seek your patience and understanding. Funds will be refunded in the event of cancellations.

Diver Sherle and volunteer guide Edd Ong

Standard Dive Rates

$165.00 per diver, excluding dive equipment rental
$150.00 per non-diver
Special dive: $190.00 per diver, excluding dive equipment rental

Trips are subject to cancellation and changes.


Standard Dive Itinerary

Venue: Republic of Singapore Yacht Club
Time (Departure): 0745 hrs
[Dive 1]
1st Surface Interval + Lunch
[Dive 2]
ETA: 1200 hrs

Venue: One 15 Marina Club Singapore
Time (Departure): 0845 hrs
[Dive 1]
1st Surface Interval + Lunch
[Dive 2]
ETA: 1300 hrs

Dive Gear Rental Rates

Weight and Weight Belt $1.20 each
All others $12.80 each
(BCD, Regulator System, Mask, Full Foot Fins, Wet Suit)

The Hantu Blog does not own any of its own equipment, instead we hire it from a third party for you at no extra charge.

Private Charter

Divers descend into a dark sea beneath lavender and indigo-coloured skies

The Hantu Blog can arrange private dive charters if you wish to dive outside of our arranged dives for the public. The fees vary according to the number of divers in your group and the number of dives you plan to do. There is no minimum number of divers required, though the maximum number of persons per trip is 7.

Group with 1-5 divers: $880 per charter
Group with 6-7 divers: $165.00 per person

Rates exclude the cost of rental equipment. All prices are quoted in SGD. We regret that no refunds are possible once arrangements have been confirmed. A minimum of one month’s notice is required for private charter bookings. The above rates are for standard day trips with 2 tank dives. Night dives at Hantu can be arranged upon request.