On Whips and Stingers

Date January 6, 2010

commensal shrimp
What kind of stuff is crawling about on whips and stingy things? Pretty amazing stuff apparently!
Here’s a collection of images shot by Hantu Blog volunteers, of the beautiful and tiny creatures that find shelter in the whip corals and stinging “leaves” of hydroids. (Above: Commensal shrimp on whip coral)
ovulid 3ovulid 2
Above: Two varieties of Ovulids or Allied cowries, blend perfectly into the colour and texture of their host coral whip.
ovulid 1mollucs
Above (left-right): Ovulid on whip coral, and a brilliantly-coloured mollusc on a hydroid.
Above (left): Maybe you see it, maybe you don’t. That’s exactly the idea that this tiny filefish has as it sticks close to the colony of ascidians, sponges, and hydoirds. (right) A tiny Doto sp. nudibranch may escape most predators on the delicate fronds of a hydroid, but it doesn’t escape the keen eyes of our volunteer dive guides!
Above: Detail of an allied cowrie on a whip coral.
It is very apparent that our divers were having a field day with these allied cowries! An assortment of them in different shapes and sizes were found on whip corals all over the reef!

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