Swimmer Crabs

Date February 12, 2018

Red swimming crabs are a common sighting on many of Singapore’s shores, especially near reefs and coral rubble. They are especially active at night, are extremely fast in the water, and can be quite fierce! Don’t attempt to handle them! They give a good pinch!

These crabs can grow up to 7cm, and are identified by their rectangular body, and 5 black-tipped spines along their sides. If you ever come face to face with a swimmer crab, pause to observe 6 small rounded lobes between their widely-space eyes. Being swimmer crabs, they have one pair of paddle-shaped legs, that are often bluish. Through their bodies range in colour from bright orange to chocolate brown, their walking legs and pincers can sometimes be blue.

Swimmer crabs feed on fish, worms, clams, snails, and other crustaceans – including other crabs. They may also nibble on seaweed.

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