Slug-filled Weekend

Date November 25, 2011

Regular diver and nudibranch hunter, Toh Chay Hoon, joined the Hantu Blog over the weekend and spotted a heap of nudibranches, including two palm-sized Dendrodoris nudibranch, which she excitedly surfaced from the dive to talk about!

Chay Hoon writes on her blog Colourful Clouds:

Yesterday, I was out diving with The Hantu Bloggers again! We did two dives at the South Jetty. The visibility was about 2-3m. Haha… usual, my search subject would be the Nudibranch! And we saw quite a few! Ranging from tiny tiny one (about 3mm) to big big one(about 150mm)!

Apart from nudibranches, Chay Hoon also encountered a pair of Ocellate pipefish and what might be Ocellated Tozeuma Shrimps (below)? See how they blend in almost seamlessly along the branch of a Giant Hydroid.

To see more of Chay Hoons pictures from this dive, visit her blog!

Or, some see these amazing critters for yourself and enjoy a weekend out in a quiet and expansive ocean reef right here in Singapore. Read here for details and See more amazing photos and videos of Singapore’s sea life first on our Facebook Page!


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