Seahorses and other spineless wonders!

Date January 16, 2014

Did you know that you can organize your own dive trips to Pulau Hantu with our Hantu Blog guides? Over the weekend, a small group of family and friends got themselves together and arranged a private charter to our reefs! 19-year old Caitlin Sahetapy was also kind enough to share the photos from the dive so we can all get a glimpse of the wonderful critters they encountered! Above: Tigertail seahorse. All photographs © Caitlin Sahetapy

A master of disguise, and understandably so! Many a reef predator would fancy a shrimp for a snack!

Many Ceratosoma nudibranches were out and about! Some appeared as their common name suggests, Slender ceratosoma.

Others were not-so-slender, and quite plump in fact!

A Snakey bornella (Bornella anguilla) seems to “smell” the water while perched on the edge of the reef before it makes a bold “leap” to swim or wriggle its way to a new location.

Snakey bornellas are so-called because, like snakes, they swim by moving their body in lateral, wave-like movements, more or less appearing to shape their body in an S pattern. These undulations start from their head and continuing down their body. Using the S-shape movement propagating down their body, snakes (and Snakey bornellas) can exert a force backwards against the water, thus enabling them to move forward.

Unlike Snakey bornellas, Phyllidia nudibranches are completely useless at swimming. Here are a pair of them trying to make like pieces of encrusting sponge!

There are also plenty of flatworms like this Pseudoceros sp.

As well as this larger Pseudobiceros flatworm.

Invisible on the reef to the untrained eye…

But obvious to seasoned muck divers like Caitlin, is a Orange-spotted pipefish!

A large Frill-finned goby lies next to a Flase-scorpionfish. Despite both of them being reef predators, they are very skittish and extremely shy.

A big THANK YOU to Caitlin Sahetapy for sharing her photos!

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