Rare nudis

Date September 9, 2008

Blog volunteer Hui Bing was out on our Blog dive on August 31st and managed to spot and photograph some rare and exciting nudibranches! She’s got a real keen eye and can make out the tiniest of critters amidst the silt, sand, and mucky waters of Hantu! We’re so privilaged to have her on our team, and you’d be lucky too if you had her for a guide!

Swing by her blog to view her nudi pictures along with some other critters in the muck!

4 Responses to “Rare nudis”

  1. JobsBroadway said:

    What was that? Any specific name for these creatures? Seem like Sea slug?

  2. debby said:

    Yes these are both nudibranches, a kind of sea slug. The above is a Tritonia diomedea. We’ve yet to identify the one below.

  3. teleskopy astronomiczne said:

    Very nice blog, your article is interesting, i have bookmarked it for future referrence

  4. debby said:

    Thanks! Please let us know if there are any topics of interest you might like to see on the Blog! We’re keen to explore new subjects and angles!

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