Mating Pygmy Squids

Date May 27, 2017


How to tell baby squid from pygmy squid? Pygmy squid mate, baby squid don’t (or so we think anyway). Marine biologist Dr. Jeffrey Low was leading a reef survey dive for Hantu Blog volunteers when he had what he claims to be one of his best dives at Pulau Hantu!


By Jeffrey Low – I was all done with training Hantu Blog volunteers in reef survey methods and swimming along the reef just looking out the donut doto, when something small and semi-transparent zipped across the hydroid I was examining [above photo]. “Oooh baby squid!”, I thought, pleased that my old eyes could still (barely) see small things in the water. Until I saw a second, smaller squid pair up with the first …. “Pygmy squids!!?” went through my mind as I, unbelievably, photographed the pair mating [top photo]! I was out of position for a clear side-ways shot, and the mating was too brief for a second shot.


The excitement wasn’t about to end there, because, by the end of my dive, I’d not encountered the donut doto yet, and was resigned to not seeing it, until I got up the boat and the captain said, “Eh, the donut doto is at the SMB in front … quick go see!” Thanks to the efforts of Ann and Hantu Blog volunteer Nicholas who marked the location, I was in and out again in 10 minutes, with several shots of the dotos [above] and the egg masses [below] on the hydroid.

One of the best dives in Singapore so far 🙂


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