Marine Talks at National Geographic Store

Date November 29, 2011


On Saturday, it was my turn to give a talk at the National Geographic Store at Vivocity. I’m really happy that the store decided to create this marine month for a few of us to share with others our experience of exploring our seas and coastline. Walking around the store, we see a lot of images of forests and land creatures, but the earth is 75% water! That means we still have a lot of exploring to do! Being an island, Singapore is the perfect place for any one to get started.


I’m really glad that so many people turned up to check out the talk. The store informed me that this was one of the best turn outs they have seen at the store for talks! Speaking to some of the audience, I found out that several of them were referred by friends who read about the talks online or through our Facebook page. It’s great to know that people are talking about and sharing information of our activities. We still have two more talks to go! Ria Tan will be giving a talk about Secret Shores of Singapore on Saturday, December 3; and Siti M. Yaakub will be sharing her experience of investigating the Forests of the Sea on December 10. So mark those dates!

Kids, there will also be a colouring session for after the talk that gives kids a fun and easy way to learn about some of Singapore’s curious and colourful marine creatures.

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