Hawksbill turtle from Melaka now off Sentosa

Date September 19, 2007

Excerpt from ICCS Blog: The turtle named Puteri Pulau Upeh was ‘first spotted on 29 July 2006 as she laid 108 eggs in an unusually shallow pit which she dug, on Pulau Upeh. The remains of what appeared to be a fishing net was stuck in a crack on the back of her shell.The fishing net and some barnacles were removed and she was tagged. It was assumed that she was a young nester.’

“A satellite transmitter was attached onto her shell on 29 August 2006, after her third nesting for the season. She was released at 2.20am the same night…”

‘She began her journey southwards on 14 September 2006 and crossed over to Singapore waters approximately two weeks later. Since February 2007, she has stayed in the southern islands of Singapore and must be feeding amongst coral reefs that still exist today.’

Visit the WWF Malaysia Satellite Tracking of Hawksbill Turtles page to find out more.

One Response to “Hawksbill turtle from Melaka now off Sentosa”

  1. Clement said:

    Seems like she was last tracked near reclaimation and construction areas of sentosa. I hope they get another trace of her soon.

    worrying location for her to be at….

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