Elusive Macro Wonders

Date June 30, 2015

The Hantu Blog has been bringing divers to our reefs for over a decade. Many of our divers return frequently to Pulau Hantu’s reefs because they continue to be awed and rewarded with new and unexpected finds! One such diver is Ann Tan, who took all the photos in this blog post in a single dive! Ann shares about this encounter, “This was the first time I saw this species of porcelain crab, as well as the first time I have seen a porcelain crab in Hantu.. I always imagined them to be around Hantu somewhere.” And she was well rewarded for her patience and persistence!

Stick pipefish blend in with the sea bed by mimicking the appearance of whip corals. They feed on plankton that drifts by in the current.

Bubble shrimp are often found on the anemones around Pulau Hantu’s reef and sea bed. They quickly scuttle into the underside of an anemone if they feel threatened, so it’s best to approach slowly if you want to grab a picture!

Glossodoris nudibranch

Painted hypselodoris, Hypselodoris infucata (left) Whip goby on gorgonian coral (right)

Flabellina nudibranch

Sea slug Philinopsis ?

Little cuttlefish

The Blue ring sea hare counts as one of the rare sea slugs that can be encountered in Singapore waters

Fingered dragonet, Dactylopus dactylopus, is small and does a good job of hiding in rubble and creeping along the contours of the sea bed.

And to wrap up her dive, a pair of mating Chromodoris lineolata!

If you have visited Pulau Hantu and would like to share your photos or videos, email us!

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