Dive into the Holidays

Date January 6, 2014

Project Officer at the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity and Research, nudibranch enthusiast, and regular diver with the Hantu Blog, Chay Hoon, joined our last dive of the year in December, and reported “good visibility of about 3 meters”! Here are some of the critters she saw during her dive with us! Above: Goniodoridella savignyi

Tambja sp.

Cuthona sp.

Allied cowrie

Cannibal nudibranch, Gymnodoris sp.

Marine flatworms

Looking like silt or a scorpionfish, but it’s neither! The False scorpionfish is actually from the family of groupers!

Dermatobranchus sp.

Sea anemone

Cuttlefish with polka-dots

The same cuttlefish looking like a dried leaf just a moment later!

Another bizarre reef fish, Razorfish swimming upside down like they always do. Staying close to the spines of a sea urchin for some extra protection.

The beautiful Glossodoris atromarginata

A closer look at one of our amazing corals, Platygyra. Aka Brain coral, a kind of boulder coral.

Eyphyllia, also known as Anchor coral

An Orange-spotted pipefish

And a closer look at its cute little head!

A last look at the reef, here are damselfish along a section of Hantu’s reef that’s colonized by Goniopora coral. Thank you for a successful 2013! We’re looking forward to more incredible dives with you in the New Year!

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