New Camera? Hantu's got models for ya'!

Date December 6, 2009

This weekend, Hantu Blog volunteer Cindy Tan took her new underwater camera out for a familiarisation dive at Pulau Hantu. Testing new equipment couldn’t be more fun! There’s nothing like being able to share the stuff you’ve seen underwater with someone else who wasn’t there. And having a reliable piece of equipment makes all the difference! Some critters don’t give you much time to frame the shot and fire the trigger, so if a smart camera can do some of the technical stuff for you, it can be a great help! (Above: Marine flatworm)

False scorpionfishTigertail seahorse

Even though the seahorse is the slowest fish in the ocean, they can make surprisingly quick getaways if they wanted to! They can fold their bodies away into holes, or turn their backs to you and slip away though a crack! But Cindy here manges to get a great shot of its profile! On the left is a Flase scorpionfish. It’s “flase” because it actually is related to groupers! They rarely swim away when approached because their defense is to stay motionless and blend in with it’s background, like scorpionfishes! So they are esy to get close to and to photograph. At least 3 colour varieties of this fish have been observed in Hantu waters.

Fabellina nudibranchFlatworm

Other little critters Cindy came across the reef included Flabellina nudibranches, more Marine flatworms, and a Black-margined Glossodoris nudibranch. Looks like the macro function of her camera is working quite well! Now if we can only find you some Doto nudibranches to photograph!

Black-margined nudibranch

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