Blog Log August 29, 2010

Date August 31, 2010

By Hantu Blog volunteer, Jimmy Goh


The sky fell on us today, pouring rain drenched all the divers even before we could get on to the boat. (Above: Whip coral


We decided to take a bet and loaded the stuff as usual, onto the boat. Just as we were departing from the marina, the rain stopped, with slight overcast. Water was clam and I checked with Mr. Yeo and he said well not much current today, lets go to the south jetty. (Above: Divers get ready for a dive at Hantu despite the rain))

IMG_1941 (1)

We arrived at about 1030 at the south jetty, a quick briefing and everyone was off diving! (Above: Bubble coral)

IMG_1971 (1)

The visibility wasn’t too bad, about 1-1.5m but the water was eerily green. Maybe because it was still in the 7th lunar month! (Above: Icon seastar)

IMG_1956 (1)

The corals are recovering well from the bleaching, and many new corals was popping up all over the place. (Above: Filefish)

IMG_1954 (1)

The first creature we saw was a green snake eel, which curiously sticks it head out for us to take some photos.

IMG_1950 (1)

We also saw crabs and butterfly fishes and a school of silver moonfish (above) swimming at under the jetty.

IMG_1948 (1)

After lunch the sky cleared up and we had nice sun and a great 2nd dive 🙂 Blog volunteer Cindy Tan managed to bump into the resident turtle who almost scared her out of her skin! We’re still waiting for her to upload her pictures from the dive so we can share them with you! (Above: Merulina coral)

IMG_1934 (1)

Seeing the corals recovering was the biggest attraction for today. (Above: Serpent coral)

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