Blog Log! August 26!

Date August 28, 2007

We had comparatively better weather than we had on last months Blog Dive. Despite there being rains throughout the week, the sunshine held up except for a very light drizzle after the first dive. Because of the improved visibility (3-5m) I spent most of my time shooting the colonies of coral which on other days might not be so easy to shoot from afar.

Sea whipGorgonian coralTiny Gorgonian coral

With this Blog entry, I’m trying out a new style of posting. More of what we saw over the weekend throughout our three years is now available in our new Gallery! This Gallery is powered by Flickr and designed by One Diver. Above (L-R): Seawhip, Seafan (Gorgonian coral), and a tiny Seafan recruit

Long-finned batfishJuvenile Harlequin SweetlipsFive-lined cardinalfishTomato clown anemonefishFilefish

Lots of pretty fishes this weekend, from this (from left) Long-finned Batfish, to Harlequin sweetlips, Five-lined cardinalfish, Tomatoclown anemonefish, seagrass Filefish, and of course, a Tigertail seahorse!

Goniopora CoralCoral reefBranched coralSerpent Coral colonyBarrel SpongeSerpent CoralCardinal fishes and Montipora CoralBrain coral LobophylliaPlatygyra colonyLaminate corals

But most of all, we managed to have some great views of the huge coral colonies that continue to thrive on Hantu’s reef. Usually the reduced visibility means that the large colonies can be hard to photograph.

Feather-duster Tube wormA Feather duster worm grows within a Goniopora colonyFeather-duster worm growing within a Montipora coral colonyA Feather-duster worm grows within a Echinopora coral colony

There were also alot of tube worms! All of those were saw today were growing within large coral colonies…

Ceratosoma nudibranch

And of course! Everybody’s favourite… Sea slugs! Today was the first time I managed to find a Ceratosoma nudibranch without enlisting someone else’s help! Thanks to Chay Hoon for teaching me how to look out for them. Whilst I got so excited at spotting one nudibranch, Chay Hoon spotted 3! Despite the hundreds of dives at Hantu, I’ve got lots more to learn, and still tons more to see!

Swing by our Gallery to see more photos from this weekend’s dive!

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