Blog Log 7 November 2010: Part 1

Date November 7, 2010

It seems like the rains have brought down the visibility in the waters around Hantu, making searching for critters a whole lot more challenging (added to the challenge of my returning after having taken a 5 month hiatus)! Nonetheless, we managed to find a bunch of interesting things that I’ll be sharing with you over the next few blog posts. Swing by the blog every few days to check out what you missed at Hantu this weekend! (Above: Flatworm)

Though brilliant when looked at up close, this sea slug disappears completely into the silty surroundings when perceived from far!


Here’s another flatworm that can be found in Hantu waters. Why would a creature want to stand out so much on the reef? We really don’t know. Flatworms come in an assortment of colours, some with really bizarre and intricate patterns on their mantles. It’s mind boggling to conceive that these animals with such complex patterns and design are in fact amongst the simplest creatures on earth – worms! Next time you encounter a little bug of creature in your home, office or park, take a closer look and see what new details you can spot that you’ve never noticed before!

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