Blog Log 28 September 2008

Date September 29, 2008

Divers had a sunshine-filled weekend at Hantu Island this Saturday. Visibility was about 3m, regardless, our experienced and enthusiastic guides sifted through the silt to spot some iconic critters for the divers that joined us.

The Hantu Blog guides commented that it’s been awhile since we’ve spotted allied cowries on the sea whips at Hantu, as well as the Gorgonian or Sawtooth shrimps that we were thrilled to spot in local waters. A critter we have managed to spot on our sea whips last month and just yesterday though, are these Tritionia nudibranches below. Can you spot the little one on the left?

Another critter from last month was the long-nosed pipefish or stick pipefish below.

Because of a long and tiring week, I took a hiatus from diving this weekend and relied gravely on the many shutter bugs that were present at yesterday’s dive! All the picturse in this post are courtesy of Hantu Blog guide Hui Bing. More pictures can be viewed on her Blog. Watch this blog over the next few days to see what else we saw!

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