Big Sisters Island with NParks

Date January 13, 2014

Hantu Blog was invited to join NParks for a survey dive at Big Sisters Island this week! We’re always thrilled to check out the other islands especially since we are so focused on diving at Pulau Hantu! It’s good to see what else is out there for us to find, and to learn what’s special about each of the other islands! Diving with marine biologists from NParks also allows us to learn more about their work and witness how real science is making a difference for Singapore’s very precious coral reefs! Here’s a quick run through of come of the cool creatures we saw! Above: Cratena lineata

Here’s how small it was. Hidden amongst the algae. I have no idea how Chay Hoon spotted this! Amazing!

There was this Gymnodoris nudibranch that seemed to be quite busy. It was hurrying along the reef.

It scaled a fiber of algae that quickly flopped over because of the weight of the slug, and it ended up right where it began!

A very hungry Tambja stuffing its face into a hydroid.

The very gorgeous Flabellina rubrolineata, is often confused with the sea slug below…

Pteraeolidia ianthina has distinct bands on its rhinophores.

You’d think something as colourful as this Hypselodoris infucata would stand out against the coral reef…

…but just take a few steps (or fin kicks) back, and it seems to almost disappear into the background!

There were also some Phylids and flatworms.

Crinoids on seawhips

Crinoids on sponges

And crinoids with two fingers!

There were also crabs in some crinoids.


Dazzling feather duster tubeworms

Fish with parasites (cardinal fish)

Fish with friends (Copperbanded butterflyfish)

And pufferfish hiding in the shadows!

Tons of incredible coral!

And a tiny little baby seastar!

To see more photos from this dive, visit the Hantu Blog Gallery!

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