A macro look at Pulau Hantu

Date November 7, 2010

IMG_1966 (1)

Whoever said size was everything hasn’t taken a macro lens into the depths of Hantu’s waters. Our keen-eyed volunteer guide and dive instructor Jimmy Goh, takes a closer look at the treasures that are concealed amidst the colour and coral on the reef. (Above: Flatworm on gorgonian coral.)


Though not as tiny as some of the other reef inhabitants, taking a closer look at larger organisms on the reef reveals their beautiful and awesome intricacies. (Above: Closeup of an Icon Seastar.)


A brilliantly-coloured Flabellina nudibranch feeds on a hydriod.


Nothing but white whip corals on the seabed? Take a closer look, and you may get a glimpse of this tiny and fragile Allied Cowrie that is also magnificent in the way in which in blends in perfectly with its host whip coral.


What else hides amidst the silt that has come to rest upon a barrel sponge? A translucent shrimp!


You not be able to encounter a critter but you might come across some signs that they’ve been around and even guess what they’ve been up to on the reef! (Above: A ribbon of nudibranch eggs.)

To see the complete set of pictures from this dive by Hantu Blog volunteer Jimmy Goh, visit the Gallery.

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