A Game of Cat and Fish:How to Restore the Balance in Sustainable Fisheries Management

Date February 3, 2009

A Game of Cat and Fish:
How to Res
tore the Balance in Sustainable Fisheries Management

Centre on Asia and Globalisation
Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy
National University of Singapore

This article argues that continued reliance on input/output controls and restrictions in fisheries management may be insufficient to protect global fish stocks. Instead, a transition beyond supply-side measures to those aimed at reducing demand for fish stocks may be necessary. The article offers a proposal for five types of demand-side or market-based measures: elimination of fishing subsidies, bolstering of import restrictions, ceasing trade in endangered and threatened fish stocks, strengthening civil and criminal penalties against illegal fishers, and pursuit of punitive trade sanctions against flag states flouting international fishery guidelines to help prevent and deter global overfishing.

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