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The City Reef at Keppel Bay

Date November 7, 2011

Hantu Blog volunteers were a part of the effort to help discover and document the marine life beneath the Marina at Keppel Bay. The Marina has put together a wonderful website for what is now known as the City Reef at Keppel Bay.

What’s Hiding in the Seabed?

Date October 6, 2011

What creature of local waters is peeking out from just beneath the sandy seabed? Can you try and guess? We will release a new hint each day till someone guesses what the creature is! Visit our Flickr for details! Post your guesses in the comment fields in our Flickr, Facebook or Blog! See more amazing […]

Impact of fluorosurfactants

Date October 2, 2011

Latest media reports say that while “the fire at the Shell refinery on Pulau Bukom has been fully extinguished, SCDF is still continuing foaming operations as there are still traces of fuel vapour in the affected areas.” In light of this, I thought it would be useful to find out more about fire fighting foam.

Impact of fluorosurfactants

Date October 2, 2011

It looks unassuming, but this is one potent fish! I almost missed this squat and grumpy-looking Hollow-cheeked stonefish as it blended seamlessly with its silty, algae-encrusted surroundings, but as I swam over it, I managed to catch it at just the right angle to pick out the shape of its upturned mouth and spiny dorsal […]

Neptune’s cup re-discovered in Singapore!

Date August 25, 2011

Feared to be globally extinct, the discovery of this fabulous sponge is featured in the latest issue of My Green Space published by NParks. Karenne Tun and Eugene Tay share that ” the Neptune’s Cup sponge was first seen in Singapore waters in 1822. According to historical records, the Neptune’s Cup sponge was common during […]

27 Jul (Wed): Discussion on "The Seacil Artificial Reef" hosted by the Nature Society (Singapore)

Date July 7, 2011

The Seacil Artificial Reef project aims to restore and preserve corals at Sentosa and Labrador Park, says the Nature Society (Singapore) announcement. A seacil being ‘launched’ at Sentosa, from an article on the project in Innovation, Vol 7 No. 1 The project was a source of controversy a few years back, the Society adds. Nature […]

Mangroves on an artificial seawall at Pulau Hantu

Date January 23, 2011

The naturally settling mangroves on Pulau Hantu sure can teach us a lot about how we encourage regeneration of nature. Hopefully, these precious tenacious plants will be appreciated and allowed to grow. More

Singapore corals on the EDGE of Existence

Date January 12, 2011

32 corals have been globally identified as being on the EDGE of Existence! The EDGE of Existence programme supports conservation projects for top ten of these EDGE coral species.

Blog Log: 19 December 2010

Date January 2, 2011

The Hantu Blog closed the year with a great big bang! Volunteers, scientists and members of the public who joined us for our last dive of the year, were treated with encounters with some spectacular and usually shy critters, such as this prawn (above) that’s usually active at night, and remains hidden in the sand […]

SWiMMS: Studying Singapore's dolphins, porpoises and dugongs!

Date December 10, 2010

Your dolphin, porpoise and dugong sighting wanted! Today I received this exciting email about the Singapore Wild Marine Mammal Survey (SWiMMS) conducted by the Tropical Marine Science Institute. Here’s the email: SWiMMS, funded by the Wildlife Reserves Singapore Conservation Fund, aims to monitor the dolphin, porpoise and dugong populations in Singapore waters by establishing a […]