Over a Decade of Celebrating Singapore Waters!

Date March 26, 2014

We made it! The Hantu Blog is into its 11th year of sharing the wonders of Singapore’s marine life with schools, divers, and those who weren’t even thinking about what coral reefs are! Every year, in March, the Hantu Blog volunteers go crazy, and spend an entire day out at sea, doing as many as four dives to watch the ebb and flow of the reef over the course of a day. We do this to marvel at the ridiculously impressive diversity of marine life that make their home in the tiny little reefs around Pulau Hantu, but we also do it because we love diving in Singapore waters so much, what we would actually want to do something as crazy as this. Thank YOU for joining us on all our dives over the past years, and congratulations to all the dedicated volunteers who have devoted their time and their LIVES to learning, sharing, and documenting our wonderful Singaporean reefs. Happy 11th Birthday Hantu Blog!

Tozeuma shrimp

Shrimp in soft coral

Tritonia nudibranch on gorgonian coral

Flabellina nudibranch

Anemone on branching sponge

Flabellina rubrolineata

The False stonefish is a rock-like scorpionfish that is rarely encountered in Singapore!

Up-close and personal with a Snakey bornella!

The cryptic Eubranchus nudibranch is often found feeding on hydroids

Cadlinella ornatissima or Ornate cadlinella. A befitting name!

Bryninops goby on whip coral

Can you see the Allied cowrie that blends in with its host gorgonian coral?

A tiny shrimp on a gorgonian coral that seems to have a matching parasite hitching a ride on its back!

To see more wonders of Singapore reefs, you’ll have to join us for a dive!
Or you can just visit our Gallery!

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