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Diving in the Hot Season – Blog Log 15 April 2012

Date April 15, 2012

Reticulated pufferfish Photo: Khoo Min Hui What better way to beat the April heat than to spend it underwater at Pulau Hantu? A handful of divers today braved the 31degC temperatures, plunging into the waters with huge sigh of relief before descending into appreciably clear waters of Pulau Hantu’s reef. First on their list was […]

Public Perception on Dolphins in Captivity

Date April 9, 2012

A recent survey on the perceptions of Singaporeans on the captivity of dolphins has revealed that at least 60% of people surveyed were in support of dolphins in captivity. This is extremely interesting as it has important repercussions on how we proceed with public education in Singapore. To know more, please see attached poster. I […]