Entries from December 2010

No Ghosts. Just Dragons.

Date December 28, 2010

Mei Lin, a marine biologist who specialises on clams and who dives often with The Hantu Blog, paid the island’s reefs a visit over the Christmas weekend and found a rare fish that was all decked out for the festivities.

Reduced Vis, Improved Optimism

Date December 20, 2010

Today, I received an email from a member of the public who learned about our work from the Straits Times article: I must confess that I’ve only recently been made aware of the work that you guys are doing out at P. Hantu after the ST article. In fact, I did my open water course […]

Pulau Hantu Featured on theasiamag.com

Date December 12, 2010

The gorgeous photography of Hantu Blog volunteer Jimmy Goh, was recently featured in Singapore’s daily broadsheet, The Straits Times. More recently, it was also put together in a slide show presentation for asia! Magazine. Who knows where else the critters of Hantu will spring up?!

There's Lots to Say about Diving at Pulau Hantu

Date December 12, 2010

What do divers have to say about diving in the mucky waters of Pulau Hantu? Plenty it seems! Yes, yes, we’ve heard about the bad visibility. You don’t have to go to Pulau Hantu to know about that. The Hantu Blog’s keen-eyed and dedicated reef guides have been assisting divers from Singapore and around the […]

SWiMMS: Studying Singapore's dolphins, porpoises and dugongs!

Date December 10, 2010

Your dolphin, porpoise and dugong sighting wanted! Today I received this exciting email about the Singapore Wild Marine Mammal Survey (SWiMMS) conducted by the Tropical Marine Science Institute. Here’s the email: SWiMMS, funded by the Wildlife Reserves Singapore Conservation Fund, aims to monitor the dolphin, porpoise and dugong populations in Singapore waters by establishing a […]

The Hantu Blog featured in Weekend ST

Date December 7, 2010

The Straits Times Saturday Special Report: the PASSION peddlers By RADHA BASU Opening others’ eyes to what lies beneath 4 December 2010 Photojournalist aims to raise awareness of rich marine life in Singapore’s waters SINGAPORE is not the first place that springs to mind if you are a diver looking for a rich and diverse […]