Entries from November 2010

Blog Log: 28 November 2010 Slugs, Snakes, Sharks

Date November 30, 2010

A rare opportunity to visit the waters of Pulau Hantu in the dark brought together some of the islands biggest fans – and we mean, a pair of 1.2m sharks and a serpent of the sea. Divers ooh-ed and ahh-ed all the way from our Southern Islands. While I was home nursing a broken elbow, […]

Blog Log: 21 November 2010

Date November 26, 2010

Hantu Blog volunteers Cindy Tan and Lam Peimin take a group of divers out to Hantu waters and spots her first toadfish (above)! The toadfish is a sluggish bottom dweller of rocky shores and reef flats. It derives its name from the croaking sound it makes when it is disturbed or out of water. It […]

Blog Log 17 November 2010: Cold and stormy monsoon dive!

Date November 15, 2010

Lots of critters in Hantu despite heavy rains throughout the week and while we were out at sea today! Never a dull day at Hantu! (Above: Reliable chromodoris – we saw a few of these little slugs)

Blog Log 7 November 2010: Part 1

Date November 7, 2010

It seems like the rains have brought down the visibility in the waters around Hantu, making searching for critters a whole lot more challenging (added to the challenge of my returning after having taken a 5 month hiatus)! Nonetheless, we managed to find a bunch of interesting things that I’ll be sharing with you over […]

A macro look at Pulau Hantu

Date November 7, 2010

Whoever said size was everything hasn’t taken a macro lens into the depths of Hantu’s waters. Our keen-eyed volunteer guide and dive instructor Jimmy Goh, takes a closer look at the treasures that are concealed amidst the colour and coral on the reef. (Above: Flatworm on gorgonian coral.)