Entries from July 2014

Slugs, Snails, And The Things They Eat

Date July 21, 2014

So many nudibranchs, where to find them? What can we learn about these spineless creatures while we are observing them in the wild? One of the easiest things we can observe while out on the reef photographing these sometimes splendidly colourful seaslugs is the stuff that they eat. It also works the other way around! […]

Update on Coral Bleaching

Date July 11, 2014

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) has been relocating corals at Sultan Shoal as part of their preventive measures to protect the corals from the development works for the future Tuas Terminal and DHI was engaged to carry out the relocation works. Recently, MPA has updated its NGO partners on the observations of […]

Reef Walking

Date July 7, 2014

Hantu Blog dive guide, Audrey Pang, traded in her wetsuit and fins but kept her booties on for her first ever experiences of discovering our reefs with her feet firmly planted on the ground! She shares her eye opening experience with us and shows us how careful treading along the reef at low tide is […]