Entries from July 2013

Hantu on the Rebound?

Date July 29, 2013

After the coral bleaching and quiet reef experiences from the last few dives, it may look like the season is beginning to turn, with seemingly cooler waters and more reef life being spotted by our divers. The visibility has also appreciated, allowing a few of us to wander off into the deep to explore the […]

Hantu's Bamboo Sharks

Date July 29, 2013

It definitely pays to be kiasu sometimes! Hantu Blog diver, Wyatt Ang, took his GoPro down with him for our dive at Pulau Hantu yesterday, and left it on during the entire dive. If he hadn’t had done that, we might not have had this opportunity to relive this exciting moment of crossing paths with […]

Sea turtles nesting in Singapore

Date July 28, 2013

Last weekend, David Tan, a volunteer with the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity sighted something extraordinary along our shores – a sea turtle preparing its nest along East Coast Beach! This was indeed a very unique and special experience that very few people in the world get to witness. And it’s mind-blowing to consider that a […]

Frogfish at Pulau Hantu!

Date July 28, 2013

Last weekend, divers were treated to a rare find at Pulau Hantu – a frogfish!

Biodiversity in Singapore – Not Extinct!

Date July 17, 2013

When visitors to the festival were told by volunteers at the recent Biodiversity Festival, held at VivoCity Shopping Center from 13-14 July, that the animals they were looking at (in photographs or in jars!) were still alive and surviving in Singapore, many of them were awed speechless.

Festival of Biodiversity – No need to dive!

Date July 9, 2013

Don’t dive? No worries! This weekend the Hantu Bloggers will join several nature groups at Vivocity to bring nature and wildlife into the malls and into your hearts! Ever wondered what we can see in the seas around Singapore? This is your chance! Not only will you be able to visit our seas, but you’ll […]

Unfazed by the haze

Date July 9, 2013

Divers and volunteers were stoked to be able to return to Pulau Hantu after last month’s short reprieve due to the haze from the forest fires in neighboring Sumatra, Indonesia. Water visibility was unexpectedly good compared to the previous month, which brought some relief to the few new divers who were about to make their […]

She dives to make a difference

Date July 9, 2013

The New Paper July 6, 2013 By: Jose Hong